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Increase the engagement on social media by posting beautiful eye-catching images. Oh, and you can create them dynamically. 🙂

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SocialCards - Image editor for social media posts. | Product Hunt


Unlimited content. You can add as many texts and images as you want.
Style. For every type of element you have a set of options to style it.
Download. You can download your social card whenever you want, even without saving it.
Edit later. Save your social cards and you can edit them later from your account.
Templates. No inspiration? Start from a template and change it with your content.
API. Use variables for dynamic content. Generate images on the fly by simply updating an URL.

Use cases

Generic Images

Share professional images on social media. You can create images for every case, being screenshots, texts, code snippets and many more.

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Open Graph Images

Make your links stand out! Create beautiful link previews (also known as open graph images) and increase the clickthrough rate. Do you write a lot? Generate them dynamically.

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🤔 What is a social card?

We define social cards as the images shared on social media, being generic images like screenshots, text, code snippets, or link previews, also known as Open Graph Images.

🤔 What is SocialCards?

SocialCards is a tool that helps you to easily create images for social media posts. Even with dynamic content, if you want.

So, you can say SocialCards is an online editor for images and a service to generate them dynamically.

🤔 Do I need an account?


Without account, you can:

  • Create social cards using the free features.
  • Save one social card locally in the browser, which can be restored anytime from the same browser*. You can also save it on the server if you decide to login.
  • Download your current social card.

With account, you can:

  • Create social cards using the free features and PRO features.
  • Save all of your social cards on the server and manage them from everywhere.
  • Generate dynamic social cards by using variables.
  • Download any of your social card anytime.

* You can restore a local image as long as you don't clear the browser data.

🤔 I created an image without being logged in. How can I save it on the server?

Save the image by pressing the Save button. Login and then you'll be asked to restore a local image. Click Restore and save it again. Now, your social card is saved in your account.

Login to save your images on the server and generate dynamic social cards from anywhere.